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Where does the Ministry of Finance get money to pay for the programs of the different ministries?

About three quarters of fiscal revenue comes from tax collections carried out by the Department of the Treasury. The remainder comes from the transfer of earnings to the government from public companies such as Codelco and ENAP, from social security payments made by individuals to the Social Security Service (INP) and the Government Health Care System (FONASA), from donations to public entities made by individuals and institutions, and from other minor sources of income collected by the Treasury and other government institutions (such as ministries) for services rendered by them.

The Office of the Budget helps prepare the fiscal budget bill by projecting revenue based, not a one particular year but according to the structural surplus rule, which requires using expected long-term, or structural income.

According to the Structural Balance Rule, if there is a deficit, the expenditure that is not financed by the above mentioned revenue sources must be financed from the sale of government assets or through borrowing. According to our Constitution specific sources of funding cannot be used to finance specific expenditures, so the source of government funding does not affect the structure of public spending, which is defined annually during the budget debate.

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