Friday, april 30, 2021

Ministry of Finance adjusts the Treasury bond auction calendar via SOMA

The Ministry of Finance has decided to adjust the local currency Treasury bond auction calendar via the SOMA platform of the Central Bank of Chile for the months of May and June of 2021, replacing medium to long-term bonds with Treasury bills. 
The dates of the auctions via SOMA during May and June of 2021 are described in the calendar below, available at the Ministry of Finance’s website (


Pesos (Millions)


Bill 4m

Bill 6m

Bill 9m



590,000 (1)



260,000 (2)






590,000 (3)





(1)    Treasury bill due in November 19, 2021. 
(2)    Reopening of the Treasury bill due in September 24, 2021.
(3)    Treasury bill due in March 25, 2022.
(4)    Reopening of the Treasury bill due in October 22, 2021. 
The amounts and dates are subject to modifications in the event of changes in market conditions or in the financing needs of the Government. If this were to occur, it will be appropriately informed. 


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