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Auction Dates

Date BTP
Million of Pesos

Nominal Notes*

Issu. Max. Amount**
8-Jul-20 - - 250,000
22-Jul-20 474,000 (12M) - LM
12-Aug-20 537,000 (8M) 487,000 LM
19-Aug-20 - 487,000 LM
2-Sep-20 537,000 (11M) - LM



  • This auction calendar could be subject to future modifications in case of significant changes in market conditions. If this happened, it will be timely informed.
  • *In parentheses the maturity of short notes.
  • **Liability Management (LM) implies repurchase and exchange. The maximum amount to repurchase: the auction day, around 9:30 AM it will be announced the notional amount of the Bonds to be auctioned. 
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