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As of December 2019

Returns (a)Month
Last 3 Months
Last 12 Months(b) 
Last 3 Years (Annualized)
Since Inception (Annualized) (c)
Sovereign and Government Related Bonds 0.46% -0.12% 5.95% 5.95% 4.27% 0.92%
Inflation Indexed Sov. Bonds 0.71% 0.15% 8.12% 8.12% 4.03% 2.56%
US Agencies MBS 0.23% 0.62% 6.16% 6.16% - 6.16%
Corporate Bonds 0.86% 1.83% 11.65% 11.65% 5.39% 3.60%
High Yield Bonds 2.57% 3.53% 8.70% 8.70% - 8.70%



26.79% 26.79% 12.73% 10.50%
Total Portfolio
1.56% 3.00% 12.04% 12.04% 6.13% 3.88%
Exchange rate (CLP) -10.10% 2.61% 7.03% 7.03% 3.72% 2.56%
Return in CLP (d)
-8.69% 5.68% 19.92% 19.92% 10.08% 6.55%


(a) Time Weghted Return (It is calculated as the growth rate of the funds that were invested throughout the period).

(b) Return for US Agency MBS and High Yield portfolios is calculated sin January 22, 2019.

(c) Performance since inception for: Sovereign and Government Related Bonds, Inflation Indexed Sovereign Bonds, and Equities is calculated since December 31, 2011. Performance since inception for US Agencies MBS and High Yield Bonds is calculated since January 22, 2019. Performance since inception for the total portfolio, exchange rate and return in CLP is calculated since March 31, 2007.

(d) Return in CLP corresponds to the sum of the percentage change of the exchange rate CLP/USD and the return in USD.

Returns for periods of more than one year are compound annualized rates while those for less than a year correspond to the change as seen in the stated period. With a view to meeting high standards of transparency and providing a better assessment of the gains or losses on investments, the Ministry of Finance discloses the fund's return in different time horizons and currencies. With respect to the horizon, it is important to note that, in keeping with the medium- and long-term investment policy, the return assessment should focus on that period, disregarding fluctuations that may occur monthly or quarterly. With regard to returns expressed in different currencies, the return in US dollars allows for an assessment which is more in line with the investment policy given that the fund's resources are wholly invested abroad and in foreign currency. The return in Chilean pesos is also disclosed. This return reflects changes in the peso-dollar exchange rate and, therefore, may experience greater fluctuations. Finally, as with any investment, past performance does not necessarily reflect future performance.

Fund performance based on daily returns beginning at an initial value of 100.

FRP Returns

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