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Chile´s Investor Relations Offices was established with the following goals:

  • Informing foreign investors on government finances and capital market reforms, in addition to serving as a point of reference for investor´s inquiries.
  • In the context of developing, maintaining and improving contact with both foreign and domestic market participants, the IRO ensures maximum transparency and comprehensiveness when informing market participants about the administration of government debt. Hence, the IRO intends not only to maintain the existing investor base satisfied, but also to attract potential new investors.
  • Maintaining and improving relations with investors and relevant opinion leaders.
  • Improving access to information in order for investors to be able to evaluate risk.
  • Aiding credit rating agencies in their assessment of the Chilean economy and government issued debt instruments.
  • Providing to the investor community valuable information regarding the efforts made in the ESG market (Environmental, Social and Governance). 


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