Financial Committee

The Financial Committee provides advice to the Ministry of Finance on the fundamental aspects of the investment policy for the sovereign wealth funds since January 2007. The Committee is made up of renowned professionals with extensive experience in the areas of finance and economics.

The Committee meets to discuss and adopt recommendations to be submitted to the Minister of Finance for approval. Although by law the Committee should meet at least once every six months, it has held a larger number of meetings in order to fully meet its responsibilities and carry out its functions.

The Financial Committee is supported by a specialized team from the Ministry of Finance that is led by the International Finance Coordinator. The team is also made up of several economists and a lawyer from the International Finance Unit, as well as the head of the Budget Office Public Finance Division, the head of Finance Programming and two analysts from that division.

In order to ensure transparency the Committee publishes all of the minutes of its meetings and makes public statements on its main recommendations on investment policy for the funds. Annually it reports on the state of the funds to the Finance Ministry, to Finance Commissions of the lower house of Congress and the Senate, and to the Special Joint Budget Commission of Congress.


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